March 8, 2020

It’s All About Data

One of the things that I have found quite interesting and challenging throughout my recruitment career is the apparent reluctance of sales professionals to use data in helping them improve their performance.

Businesses spend thousands of hard-earned dollars on state-of-the-art software that has huge capability, but we seem afraid to use it and relegate it to an end of the week admin task. This has puzzled me for some time and I imagined how much more successful I would have been as a consultant in the 80’s if I had access to the kind of sophisticated data and analysis that we have now.

I then related this to a sport.

I race cars. I’m OK. I’m not Lewis Hamilton but interestingly I probably have access to the same kind of data that he has.

The data loggers in my car measure absolutely every input I make, exactly when, how hard and for how long I accelerate, brake, make gear changes and turn the car; the various cameras in the car record from numerous angles then overlay this information onto GPS maps of every circuit I race. This is then further overlaid onto my team mates’ data.

Interestingly, I spend more hours analysing this data with my team manager and driver coach to gauge how I can improve by fractions of seconds, than I do driving the car! It has undoubtedly made me a better and faster driver.

We can relate this with almost any sport and we seem to love the data associated with our hobbies and interests.

But only if we made use of data in our work life…

I am blessed to work with an amazing team at AIQU who understand that everything we do is centred around delighting our customers – quality is all that counts!

We are an outcome led business where outcomes are measured and the necessary inputs are recognised by analysing great data. All of this data enables us to understand the customer need and importantly measure our success against that need.

The great recruitment industry trap is thinking that success is filling the role; sure, this may be success for the agency, but what was the customer experience through the process?

The art of great data is not just collecting it but knowing how to use it to improve your performance!