January 16, 2023

Benefits Of Using A DLP Software For Your Remote Employees

The Benefits of DLP Software For Your Remote Employees

Author: Daniyal Chishti 


As an employer in the tech space, safeguarding your organization’s confidential data and sensitive information properly so that it is protected from cybersecurity threats or malicious actors is essential. What you need is the right technology to ensure everyone in your remote workforce understands the importance of security protocols and compliance regulations. The easiest way to do this is to implement a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution like Safetica.


What Is DLP?

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a collection of tools and processes to prevent sensitive data from being lost, misused, or accessed by unauthorized users. DLP software categorizes regulated, confidential, and business-critical data and detects policy violations defined by organizations or within a predefined policy pack, typically driven by regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, or GDPR.

Once those violations have been identified, DLP enforces remediation through alerts, encryption, and other protective measures to prevent end users from sharing data that could put the organization at risk.


What Are The Components Of DLP?

DLP has two main components: Information classification and data loss detection.


Information Classification

The first component of DLP is known as information classification. It’s the process of identifying sensitive or critical information in your business and environment so that it can be protected against unauthorized access by third parties. Data Loss Prevention Solutions use an automated signature engine to identify patterns of behavior that indicate suspicious activity on your network or endpoints and then send alerts to IT staff when these patterns are detected.

This helps minimize potential risks by reducing the amount of sensitive data stored on your organization’s laptops, desktops, and servers.


Data Loss Detection

Data loss detection is detecting when someone tries to access a file containing confidential information without permission from their owner or administrator. This helps prevent ransomware attacks from spreading throughout an office where employees may unknowingly open links from unknown sources within email messages sent out through social media channels such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp Messenger apps (for example).


Benefits of Using DLP Safetica For Remote Employees


Safetica Offers Data Loss Protection Regardless Of Where You Are In The World.

With Safetica, your organization can benefit from cloud-based DLP that can be accessed from anywhere. The DLP solution also offers Android and iOS users a mobile app with additional features like remote monitoring and real-time alerts.

Safetica uses advanced algorithms that can identify and classify sensitive data, preventing it from being accessed by unauthorized users. DLP also protects against data loss through physical theft or loss due to natural disasters, power outages, or circumstances beyond your control.


Prevents Sensitive Information Leaks

According to the United States Department of Defence, a DLP solution can help prevent sensitive information leaks. The technology detects and blocks unauthorized access to data, including “credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and even people’s addresses. It also blocks viruses that could spread on your network or device.”

DLP solutions use intelligent algorithms that analyze every byte on a hard drive or server with exceptional accuracy—making it virtually impossible for hackers to get past them. As such, they offer an effective way to protect organizations from data breaches that could result in financial losses due to improper handling of sensitive information.


Prevents Data Theft

Data theft is a serious problem in the workplace. It can lead to loss of productivity, lawsuits, and even criminal charges. The risk of data theft depends on many factors, such as who has access to your sensitive information, what they do with that information, and how often they access it.

There are three types of data theft:

Internal, where someone inside your organization steals data. External, where an outsider obtains unauthorized access and insider when someone within your company leaks confidential information.

For organizations to prevent these types of events, they need a robust security policy that includes:

  • Employee training and monitoring
  • Encryption technology, such as encryption keys generated by DLP systems, which prevents unauthorized access through electronic devices
  • Auditing capabilities, so employees know when something has gone wrong with their devices, whether lost or stolen
  • Tracking tools so you can investigate further after taking action when necessary


Reliable DLP Solution For Remote Workers

If you are looking for a reliable DLP solution that offers a robust feature set, then Safetica may be suitable for your organization. With its easy installation and user-friendly interface, it’s no wonder that Safetica has become one of the most popular solutions in its class.

In addition to its impressive features, this software is affordable—and that’s not something we often see with powerful document protection products like this!


Achieve Complete Security With Our DLP-based Remote Hiring Solutions

The benefits of using a DLP system for your organization are clear. It protects your data, prevents sensitive information leaks and theft, and helps to protect intellectual property by ensuring that only authorized users have access to information. Every organization must have a DLP solution in place when hiring remote workers.

Here is where we can help. AIQU is the leading tech recruitment company in the MENA region, with offices across the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and India. We can ensure all remote employees are equipped with the Safetica DLP software add-on that can detect and prevent any regulatory violation for an organization, allowing you to achieve 100% compliance in the long run.

If you’re looking to hire remote workers and want more information on how we can help you protect your data when hiring remote staff, please reach out to our Remote 360 expert, Usman Ashraf, today!


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