Who takes care of my visa?

We take care of applying for your visa, medical tests and Emirates ID and all sponsorship will be through our parent company.

What support do you provide for relocating?

If you’re relocating to the UAE we can provide an advance payment of up to 40% of your monthly salary, which will be interest-free and deducted from your salary over a 3-6 month period. We will offer advice and support, via your Account Manager, on setting up a bank account and finding accommodation. Subject to client approval, we will also book your air ticket and hotel stay for the initial 7 days of your arrival in UAE.

How long does it take for me to get my MOHRE approval and visa?

If we are applying for your visa while you’re outside of the UAE, the e-visa will take between 4-6 working days. Once your e-visa has arrived you can enter the UAE and start working legally. It will then take an additional 10-15 working days to process your residence visa and get the visa stamped on your passport.

If you are already in the UAE, it will take 3-5 working days to get your e-visa and then a further 10-15 working days to do all the necessary paperwork and medical tests to complete your residency visa application.

Am I entitled to UAE labour law benefits such as annual leave, gratuity, sick leave, medical insurance and flights as an outsourced employee?

From the date your Emirates ID application is processed, you will be entitled to medical insurance and an exit flight back to your country of origin. After six months in the position you are entitled to annual leave. Up to 15 days of paid sick leave will be covered upon completion of 3 months post your probation period. After 12 months you will be entitled to gratuity and an annual return air ticket, capped at a specified amount depending on your country of origin.

Do I get family benefits such as visa, medical and flights?

Upon client approval, we are happy to provide additional family benefits.

How do I receive my salary payments?

You will submit a monthly timesheet on one of the applicable mutually agreed attendance cycle and then we will process your salary within 3-4 working days thereafter. Your salary will be deposited into your bank account.

Can you guarantee employment on further projects if my contract ends with my current employer?

Whilst we cannot guarantee to provide you with another role after your contract expires, we can assure you that we will reach out to our wider network of clients to try and secure another position for you.

What happens when the project or contract ends with the client?

Once the project ends, we will provide a full and final settlement calculation. Once reviewed and approved by yourself, we will process the final payment along with your salary.

Who should I contact regarding an NOC or salary certificate?

You will have a dedicated contact within AIQU’s request team. Alternatively you can log on to this portal, and you will be able to request most documents immediately or, if more complex, within 24-48 hours.

If I have any issues relating to my employment such as a delay in salary or incorrect pay, who should I contact?

Your dedicated account manager will provide advice and support on any payment related issues.

If my contract is with AIQU, will you sponsor my spouse and children?

If our client (your employer) is willing to provide sponsorship, medical insurance and flights for your spouse and children, we will be more than happy to facilitate this.


How long will it take to provide us with a resource from either inside or outside the UAE?

If the candidate is immediately available, and already located within the UAE, the MOHRE approval takes 1-3 working days depending on the nationality, and ensuring all documentation is correct with no security flags. Once this is done the candidate can start working immediately.

If the candidate is located outside of the UAE, it takes 4-6 working days to get an e-visa which will allow the candidate to travel into the country with a 2 month grace period to complete the UAE residency visa formalities and start work immediately.

What type of visas do you provide?

We can provide a UAE mainland two-year visa, a 3-month mission visa for Dubai or Abu Dubai, and a TECOM visa for 1-3 years, depending on your requirements. We also provide labor cards.

What is your pricing structure?

We work on two models:
Fixed billing – An agreed fixed monthly invoice which is billed in full every month, regardless of whether the candidate takes annual (up to 22 working days) or sick leave (up to 15 working days) as per their annual statutory benefits entitlement according to the UAE labor law.
Consultant – Annual leave and sick leave is accrued so you are only billed when the candidate is on site and working.

Do you carry any on-demand, immediately available technology consultants under your visa sponsorship?

Only the ones deployed on our current client projects.

Which countries do you operate in?

We work in the UAE and across the GCC.

Do you provide permanent as well as temporary recruitment services?

Yes we do.

What are your areas of specialism?

We specialize in the following key technology verticals: Business Intelligence, Compliance, ERP & CRM, SAP, Digital, IT Infrastructure & Cyber Security, and Software Engineering.

Which countries do you hire from?

We recruit candidates globally as well as from the UAE and wider GCC market.

What happens if I am unhappy with the resource and need to replace immediately?

We offer a replacement service free of charge if you are terminating the resource for gross misconduct, unprofessionalism or lack of competency. However, we cannot guarantee a next day replacement as we will be hiring a candidate who may require or be serving a notice period.

Who do I contact for any escalation issues?

You have a dedicated account manager assigned to your account as your general escalation point. You will also have various points of contact in finance, attendance and operations as well as contacts for letter requests such as an NOC or salary transfer certificate. Your account manager will ensure that all communication touchpoints are sent to you and the employee.