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June 29, 2020

Top 5 most in-demand technology positions in UAE & KSA

IT Staffing in KSA

Mohamed Jawad
Vice President – MENA (Outsourcing)

Here we are, already approaching the end of Q2, the universe seems to finally be returning to more familiar territory, leaving behind what has been a once in a generation Q1 which most of us will hopefully and most probably never have to experience the turmoil and volatility of again.

I had written a piece a few weeks ago buoyed by the flurry of demand around technology contract recruitment and I’m delighted to say this has consistently been the trend for the past 3 weeks running. This further reinforces my belief that we are on the up now and Q3 is probably going to be some quarter maybe even surpassing pre-COVID business levels!

In continuation of my new quarterly update to you, I am presenting you:

AIQU’s top 5 most in-demand technology roles hired for in Q2 – 2020 vs Q1 2020 across the UAE & Saudi Arabia:


Rank Specialization




ERP /CRM (mainly SAP, Oracle, Dynamics, and Salesforce)




Cloud Infrastructure and Cyber Security




Software engineering (Mobile Developers, DevOps, Full Stack)




BI/Data (Hadoop, Power BI)




Digital (UI/UX and Product Managers)




Predictions – Q3

 As we move into Q3, a continued uptake will carry on in remote deployment and onboarding of our hires even after airports reopen and flights resume. Our clients have adapted, they have realized the cost and logistical benefits of onboarding remote-based tech Staff. 

We continue to expect to see a rise in roles across Automation, RPA, Chatbot, Web/Mobile development, DevOps, Security and a surge in Cloud-based roles specifically in the sectors of Healthcare IT, E-commerce and Education in Saudi Arabia.

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