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September 26, 2022

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Remote Employees

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Remote Employees

Author: Daniyal Chishti

Hiring remote employees has been one of the top business trends in recent years, and it’s something that’s definitely on the rise in the UAE as well. Remote working offers many benefits – particularly when you compare it to an office-based job with set hours and fixed locations.

Most of the common benefits of hiring remote employees for the workers are very well known. However, there are more advantages that business owners might not have considered from a business perspective. Learn about them here…


Reduced Overhead Costs

When you hire remote staff, you’re saving on the costs of maintaining office space. While a company with one or two employees can get by with a small home office, most businesses quickly outgrow that space and move into a larger office building.

When you think about the costs associated with office spaces, it’s easy to see why hiring remote employees makes financial sense for companies. You won’t need to pay for:

  • Rent
  • Furniture costs
  • Utility bills
  • Insurance costs
  • Parking costs
  • Travel costs


Wider Talent Pool

If you hire remote staff, you can hire people from all over the world. This has several advantages. First, there are no restrictions on where you can hire from. If a person in Australia is the best candidate for a position at your company, you don’t need to worry about immigration or relocation hassles—you can just hire them remotely! Hiring remote employees is also especially well-suited to freelancing and contract work since it’s for a specific period or a project.

Additionally, remote workers are more productive than their traditional office counterparts. Remote workers are more self-motivated and don’t have stressors like commute time or an unnecessary dress code—so it may be possible for you to get more done with fewer employees working remotely than with the same team in an office setting.

Finally, hiring remote employees means that you never need to compromise on quality; because geography is not a limiting factor when searching for talent, you’ll always be able to select candidates who are perfectly suited for any given role.


Increased Productivity

Remote employees work from home, so they have fewer distractions. They’re more likely to put in extra hours when needed and respond to after-hours emails.

In addition, research has found that remote employees have greater levels of happiness and satisfaction than those who do not work remotely. Since remote workers get to work from where they want, they feel less confined and trapped by their office jobs. They can take breaks and make other decisions based on what works best for them. That kind of freedom encourages them to maintain a healthy level of productivity and happiness at the same time —a win for both the employee and the employer.


Higher Retention Rates

One of the biggest benefits of hiring remote employees is that they stay in their jobs longer. Employees who work remotely are more likely to be satisfied with their positions and thus less likely to leave their jobs. This is especially true when you factor in how remote staff have more flexibility and control over their schedules.

It’s not just that remote workers are happier, though; it’s also just easier to retain them because they don’t have an excuse to quit if things get tough. Office workers won’t need a reason beyond “it’s too far away” “it doesn’t work for my schedule” or “I’d rather spend more time with my family.” Therefore, when you hire remote staff, you can count on them sticking around for the long haul—and if they happen to move on from your company someday, it’ll be for reasons other than location and commute time.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

Hiring remote employees is an effective way to respond to customer queries promptly. As remote workers often live in different time zones, you can potentially offer 24/7 support. They are equally knowledgeable about the product, industry and tools.

Today, customers do not even expect customer service teams to be physically present in the same location as them.

Remote customer service staff may be able to provide more dedicated support since they do not experience any interruptions from colleagues talking loudly, walking over and more. They can spend enough time on each query without distractions. This allows them to develop better relationships with customers over time—which always improves satisfaction levels!


How AIQU Can Help Streamline Remote Hiring

Hiring remote employees and embracing the remote work model is an opportunity for both employers and employees to get more out of the job market, from a wider pool of talent and reduced overhead costs to greater productivity and higher retention rates.

Remote work has been adopted by companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500s. Organizations as diverse as Amazon, American Express, Dell, IBM, and Marriott are hiring remote employees. More than 50% of all US companies now offer flexible work options to their employees.

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