Whether you’re a start-up in need of some fresh talent or a candidate looking for that next big career move, at AIQU we offer specialist sourcing and recruitment services for permanent, temporary and contract-to-hire positions.

Our end-to-end solutions cater to a broad spectrum of businesses ranging from ambitious tech start-ups through to the world’s most innovative multi-nationals.

Remote 360

Businesses needn’t be limited by geography and can collaborate with talent across cities and continents. We are seeing growing demand in remote talent and are tapping into a global network of skills spanning across the globe.

With an AI-based technology, we can sift through 1000s of relevant resumes fairly quickly, organize a seamless selection and joining process; and once on-boarded, our online timesheets record your remote worker’s attendance. Remote 360 also incorporates the use of a world-class remote worker tracking software that ensures fluidity in project delivery.

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Permanent Hire

Our permanent hire solution is a timely, responsive and cost effective service that attracts the very best global talent for the role.

We foster a strong candidate network which allows us to maintain a global pool of exceptional, thoroughly-screened talent, while continuing to attract the right candidates through targeted marketing campaigns. By proactively managing the hiring process before, during and after placement, we can guarantee a smooth and successful transition into your expanding team.

Contract to hire

Providing short to medium term resources, contract to hire is a proven and successful strategy to increase productivity and efficiency, while keeping overheads to a minimum and providing a period of discovery for the client and the candidate.

Our recruitment, visa and payroll services allow you to solve immediate staffing solutions while observing the candidate during a fixed contract period, to determine their capability and compatibility before any permanent hire decision is made.

Temporary Contract

Whether you have headcount restrictions in place or require support with specific projects, we can provide you with a suitable temporary solution from our extensive network of qualified talent.

For candidates, it’s an opportunity to showcase your talents and gain experience in different workplaces, building a formidable CV in the process. At AIQU we manage all recruitment, visa, contractual, payroll and administrative procedures for contract positions within our experienced network.