June 24, 2022

Software Outsourcing and Development: The Role of Tech Staffing Agencies

Outsourcing Software Engineering in Dubai

You just got off the phone with the vice president of technology at a major transportation company, confirming that your Dubai-based software development agency won the contract to build their new consumer app. You were ecstatic until you realised something. It hasn’t been a month since you got the contract for a product lifecycle management software for a food manufacturing enterprise. Your employees are at full capacity working on that project, providing support to your existing clients, and coping with outsourced software development work. In such a case, you have a compelling reason to partner with a company specialising in software engineering recruitment in Dubai.

You must expand your team and increase your capacity. This is the only way you can work on your newly won contract, accept more software development projects and continue receiving work outsourced by other software development firms.

This demand for additional tech staff is not exclusive to software companies, either. Organisations that develop their own software and digital tools also often need to supplement their in-house programmers with outside staff to get their software development projects off the ground. They, too, can benefit from working with a tech staffing agency.

Read on to understand how a tech staffing firm can help accelerate software engineering recruitment in Dubai.


Why Outsource Hiring to a Software Engineering Recruitment Company?

You probably have experience recruiting tech staff yourself. As such, you must know how difficult it can be to find great programmers. The people you want — those with the expertise, experience, and skills you need — are probably already employed and are in no rush to leave unless it is for a company that offers above-average compensation and benefits.

The brand name also matters. Even if you offer better compensation and incentives, programmers are still likely to choose the likes of Google, Apple, Facebook (Meta), Amazon, and Microsoft for the opportunity and prestige of working for big tech.

Coding platform CodinGame and technical interview facilitator CoderPad conducted a poll of 14,000 developers and recruiters. They found that almost half of employers find it difficult to fill open tech positions.

Instead of trying to fill the vacant programmer seats in-house, you can outsource hiring to a tech staffing agency. Doing this will let you quickly and efficiently circumvent your tech staff shortages, so you can immediately begin work on your revenue-generating software development projects.


Why is staff expansion through tech staffing agencies quicker and more efficient than in-house hiring?

Two reasons.

One, staffing companies are always finding potential candidates. Whereas, tech staffing agencies, in particular, have candidates available with relevant tech skill sets. Thus, if you are looking for an SAP developer, you can rely on a tech recruitment company to have a ready pool of potential applicants they can screen and assess for fit with your open role.

Two, IT recruitment specialists have specific tech domain knowledge and expertise. They know what your open positions entail and what skill sets they require. This streamlines the decision-making and hiring processes, allowing them to screen, assess and evaluate job candidates efficiently. In the end, all you’re left to do is to choose from amongst only the most qualified and suitable candidates.


Staff Expansion Strategies for Companies

Tech staffing companies provide flexible, cost-efficient solutions for companies to grow their team. Two of the most useful are contract staffing and remote staffing.


Contract Staffing

Fluctuating demand is typical in software development. Projects come and go.

Early in the year, you can have more work than you can handle, but you may be under capacity come mid-year. This is why contract staffing is a particularly useful strategy.

In a contract staffing arrangement, you can hire programmers and other tech staff for a fixed contract period. This can be for three months, six months or longer. Companies often need contract staff for one to two years.

This solution will let you start projects quickly. Contract staffing is less complicated than permanent hiring, mainly because the tech staffing company takes care of all the hiring formalities and related administrative tasks. These tasks include: getting your contract employees to your company headquarters, arranging their visas and managing their payroll.

It also has the secondary benefit of letting you try potential candidates for a fixed period. During this time, you can assess your contract hires’ capabilities and competencies. If you find someone you want to hire permanently, you can transition them from a contract position into a permanent member of your staff.

However, the main benefit of contract staffing is that is the flexibility to scale up operations without increasing your overheads.

If you have a new project, you can hire contract staff to expand your team and increase your capacity. When the project is over, you can end the contract instead of having to pay staff you cannot fully utilise and manage the hassle of off-boarding including visa cancellation and gratuities.


Remote Staffing

Remote staffing is another sound tech staff expansion strategy. With remote staffing, you can gain access to superior talent from other parts of the world. You can also ensure redundancy through different time zones. Something you might find valuable if you provide 24/7 support to stakeholders or clients.

Your tech staffing provider can help you hire and assemble your remote team. They will take care of screening and hiring, comply with legal requirements and provide onboarding, payroll and remote work tracking support.

All you (the employer) need to do is direct and drive your remote workforce. This will ensure that they are doing the work you want them to perform.


Propel Your Business Forward With Software Engineering Recruitment in Dubai 

Fluctuating software development needs mean organisations have fluid tech staffing requirements.

To cope, you can supplement your in-house staff by hiring programmers on contract or remote workers through an IT staffing services company.

AIQU is an experienced IT staffing and outsourcing agency in Dubai, and we provide contract and remote staffing services.


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