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February 1, 2023

6 Must-Know Tips To Become A Successful Tech Recruiter In 2023

6 Tips To Become A Successful Tech Recruiter In A Competitive Market

Author Name: Kavitha Kumar 

Hiring the best talent is the objective of every business because it takes them forward and helps them grow. As a tech recruiter, you must deal with customers who demand a certain level of professionalism and quality of service. A professional tech recruiter understands this well and tries to create the best possible technical recruiting strategies so that businesses can hire an employee who fits within their company culture and positively contributes towards their business growth.

Quality recruiters are hard to find, even in an oversaturated market. This guide will help you stand out by informing you about crucial tech recruiter skills and avoiding common mistakes recruiters make.


Tip 1: Be Clear About The Candidate You Need

If you do not understand what you want as a recruiter, nobody else will either. To effectively recruit, the first thing you do is reach out to your network. So, how do you start communicating with them?

The ideal way to do it is to give them a brief job description without involving any irrelevant information. It helps save precious time for both sides and ensures that the recipient reads your message till the end. Here are some practical tips:

  • Introduce the company you’re hiring for
  • Explain why they might be interested in the position you’re offering
  • Specify the role and capacity in which they’ll participate in the company’s structure
  • Mention the skills required for the job so the potential candidate can determine whether they fit the position


Tip 2: Highlight Why The Candidate Should Join Your Company  

It is important to tell potential employees what distinguishes your company from the competition. This is easy if you are an established brand, but what if you are a start-up or a small company? As a technical recruiter, your task is to share the company’s strengths and highlight them in front of the talent you’re hunting for.

Here is an example that can guide you:

  • Your company is launching a new project, and the new hire will handle it. Explain it clearly and also elaborate on what makes the project so interesting
  • Elaborate on the project’s impact on the company, the hire, and the world in general


Tip 3: Build an Inclusive Tech Hiring Process

Every tech recruiter’s responsibility is to create an inclusive and equitable hiring structure that doesn’t leave anyone behind. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in workspaces are more important than ever for technical recruiting strategies.

Anyone becoming a tech recruiter today should be aware of this transformation, given the clear evidence:

  • 76% of job seekers state that DEI is an important consideration for them.
  • 32% say they won’t even apply for a job where DEI isn’t considered important.

One way of ensuring transparency is to analyze your technical recruiting strategies deeply. Your recruiting decisions should be as evidence-based as possible to avoid unconscious bias.


Collaborative Hiring

Working closely with the technical teams to hire the best talent is called “collaborative hiring.” It doesn’t just help the recruiter vet a candidate perfectly but also allows the technical teams to hire the talent they need.

Recruiters need to learn more about the technical work performed by different teams inside a company. Here’s how you can help build that relationship:

  • Regular conversations with engineering/ technical teams are crucial; it helps them get the talent they need through you. Good communication is important and goes a long way in building a trustworthy team
  • Do more than just focus on the hard skills required by the technical teams. As a technical recruiter, you must also ensure that the new hire possesses the right soft skills


Tip 4: Give Constructive Feedback

Unfortunately, 94% of job seekers expect a response from their employers, but only 41% receive it. Most of it comes down to the unprofessional attitude of employers, because of which they do not get recommended via word of mouth. As a technical head-hunter, you can set your firm apart by giving constructive feedback to every candidate that has been interviewed.

Here are a few basics to follow:

  • Create a communication plan which includes the time, communication channels, etc.
  • Give feedback to both successful and unsuccessful candidates

Doing these things will help you keep the candidates engaged for any future openings too.



Tip 5: Utilize Data

Quality data is a powerful tool that can transform one’s technical recruiting strategies. Ensure that you are collecting all the relevant data about the labour market, workforce trends, and more to attract top talent. Here are some of the most important data points that you should care about in a tech recruiting process:

Competitor Research

Many tech recruiters mistakenly think that competitors are only those who produce and sell similar products or services. Although it is a major concern, the internet and digital technologies have changed the landscape significantly. Today, your business may have a wide range of competitors who are also looking to hire the same talent.

Supply Doesn’t Always Equal Availability

Sometimes competition keeps pace with the talent pool, which makes it challenging to find the best talent. One way of getting out of this problem is to check a region with lower competition, where you have more chances of finding quality candidates despite their limited supply.



Tip 6: Improve the Interview Process

A lot of good talent can feel nervous during an interview, creating a negative impression of them. However, your job as a recruiter is to make the technical recruiting process as stress-free and friendly as possible by:

  • Informing the candidates about the interviewer
  • Be flexible with your interview schedule
  • Provide remote interview options for those who cannot interview personally
  • Create a cordial environment by introducing them to other team members

Becoming a great technical recruiter is a process that is always ongoing as you keep learning new things on your journey. With the tips, you can work on creating a technical recruiting strategy that works for you.

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