Headquarters in Arizona with a remote team in Barcelona or an agency in Dubai with software developers in Mumbai; our new digital world is indeed borderless!

Businesses can now leverage the rise of digital nomads by hiring remote workers, and benefit from a diverse and multicultural workforce spread across the globe.

Remote 360

AIQU’s Remote 360 staffing solution bridges the geographical gap between jobs and suitable talents across different cities and continents. Partner with us today to build an agile, high-impact, outsourced remotely working team!

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Hiring remote employees has several advantages:

  • You can save on capital costs
  • You gain access to talent worldwide
  • You can monitor your remote team’s productivity
  • You have a 24×7 available distributed workforce
  • You can scale up or down with ease

Remote 360 offers:

  • AI-based staffing solutions
  • Access to remote worker monitoring software
  • 100% compliant agreements & NDA
  • Multi-currency payroll
  • IT Infrastructure for the remote employee

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