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Innovation Researcher

Brief about the project:

Designing and Delivering Proof of Concepts focused on Digital Government Services

Engagement Partner

Assaad Khater

Engagement Manager

Shean Malik

No. of Years Exp Required:


No.of contingent workers required:

5 or more

Contingent Worker Contract Length: (Minimum contract length should be 6 months with AIQU)

12 Months and More

Will Subcontractor be named or mentioned in the proposal


Extendable Contract:


Contingent Worker Deployment Location:

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Expected resource start date


Contingent Worker Location Preference

Any of the above

Please mention the skills, qualification and knowledge required.

Communication Consultant (must be saudi), Service Designer, Researcher (Benchmarking and Interviews), Business Analyst, Innovation Researcher

Service Delivery Arrangement

Client Site

Daily Rate USD ( Cost to PwC):


Please mention "Other" deployment location

Can be located in UAE, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan based but need to be onsite in Riyadh

Is this work signed off engagement or bid work?

Signed Off/Ongoing Engagement

Language Skills required

Arabic & English

Please mention the Line of Service for which the resources are required


Please mention the PwC equivalent grade for the required candidate

Associate/ Consultant

Please mention the business unit

Digital Services


  • Employment Status: Contract
  • Job Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


  • Published on: May 2, 2023
  • Employment Status: Contract
  • Job Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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