Scala Engineer



Scala Engineer


Contract or Permanent:

Permanent position





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About the Company and the position:

A massive retail business that has about 40k + employees globally is looking to build a core team. Their tech division is based in Dubai, and they are opening up a new division to eliminate using vendors and do more work internally.


They are looking for a Senior Scala Engineer that is able to review code and someone that still enjoys coding themselves. This person will be required to build a team of developers in the near future.

They are planning to change the entire set-up and need people that are able to suggest and implement new innovative ideas.


Some of the immediate requirements are:

Functional programming: Monads, functors, type classes, free monads,

Big Data: understanding shuffle, data skew, partitioning/bucketing, etc

Data: CAP theorem, understanding different types of databases and where to use them.

Streaming: Event sourcing, CDC, actor pattern, consumer/producer pattern, etc

Reactive Manifesto systems experience


Libraries used:

Cats framework, cats-effects, cats-free, http4s, circe (json library), monocle, spark.

Kafka and kafka connect (Code in Java where they extend current connectors and create custom SMT (single message transformers)

Spark: batch and structured streaming





10+ Years of experience working with these technologies

3 Year degree

Leadership experience

Working with startups


  • Employment Status: Permanent
  • Job Location: United Arab Emirates


  • Employment Status: Permanent
  • Job Location: United Arab Emirates

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